The images below show some of the incredible detail in Eric's, life-size, shoulder and pedestal mounts

Click on images for larger views

Large Columbian Blacktail
Record class Columbian Blacktail
Another trophy class Columbian Blacktail
 Columbian Blacktail Shoulder Mount
Large non-typical muledeer
Double pedestal muledeer mounts
Non-typical Muledeer shoulder mount
370 Class bull elk in the Junipers
Bull elk pedestal mount
Red Stag pedestal mount
New Zeland Red Stag
Large New Zeland shoulder mount Fallow buck,
Full body mount Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep Pedestal Mount
Full body Grizzley on custom pedestal
Wildebeest recently mounted at Artistic Wildlife Taxidermy
African Gemsbok
Eric has mounted numerous types of african animals
Full body Tahr